Day 2:  Philip St. John Basil Rathbone MC the Basil




The next day was a Tuesday.  Grammy planted Philip St. John Basil Rathbone MC the Basil.

Basil the Basil day2 Grammy Miami.png

Day 2:  ☼ Philip St. John Basil Rathbone MC the Basil ☼
Named for the South-African born English actor who was best known as Basil Rathbone. Basil was most famous for his starring roles in 14 Hollywood films about Shelock Holmes that were made during the WWII years (1939-1946). Basil Rathbone served in the Great War (WWI) in the London Scottish Regiment. It was during that time he was awarded the title “MC” (Military Cross). “The Military Cross is granted in recognition of “an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy on land to all members, of any rank in Our Armed Forces.” The reason our plant Basil was given this name is because he volunteered to be planted near Terrance the Tomato and to draw enemy fire (the white fly is the most notorious enemy of both) from Terrance’s tender developing tomatoes. Basil is also known as “Basil the Brave.”


For a list of all the vegetables living in Grammy Miami’s garden, visit this list of characters.  Cast of Characters. This list will increase by one every day for the next 100 days in accordance with the spirit of #the100dayproject.

For more about why Grammy Miami is part of #the100dayproject (it’s because she got a personal invitation over the phone from an art-world rock star) go here:   Jailbreak

On Tuesday, the day after Lucu’s visit, Grammy checked all over the garden with TC’s help for any sign of Lucu but she didn’t return.  Grammy sat in the garden until the sun burned her gently to remind her to go do some dishes.  She smiled at the sun, waved at Wish and went inside.

TC stretched out in the sunshine and fell asleep.

 later on



  • Needs 6-8 hours of sun
  • In the south/southwest, does well in afternoon shade.
  • Can be put outside 2 weeks after last frost.
  • Space distance usually 12-18 inches apart.
  • Does not like frost!
  • Loves rich, moist but well drained soil (pH 6 to 7)
  • Harvested continuously, so needs little fertilizer
  • Add plenty of organic nutrients when planting (compost, bone meal, cottonseed meal)
  • Feed with plant food every couple of weeks
  • To avoid root rot, plant in well-drained location.
  • Don’t let it get too dry or it will be stunted.
  • If they stop making seeds/stop growing, cut off top 1/3 and fertilize with liquid fertilizer.
  • Never cut the woody part of the stem!


  • Any time after plants reach 6-8 inches
  • Pinch leave from tips of steps to encourage branch to make more
  • Try to keep pinched even if you don’t use the leaves.
  • Bring basil in at first prediction of frost.


  • Can be dried
  • Freezing best preserves them
  • Or using in vinegar


  • Can be used to flavor oils and pesto (refrigerate)
  • Don’t keep leaves in fridge or they will brown

from “Growing Basil”-


About this Story

“Grammy Miami and the Case of the Disappearing Friendly Young Female African Elephant Named Lucu” is a story for my second #the100dayproject on Instagram.

This is a story for my granddaughters who will find themselves featured in its pages. Every day for the next 100 days there will be a new photo, plant and chapter.

I’m doing this for my newest #the100dayproject on Instagram (#tizzlovesrowdy).  My page is here:  tizzlovesrowdy My goals for this project are:

  • to create daily updates for a chapter story for my granddaughters, age 4 and 1;
  • to create art;
  • to get better at gardening, one plant at a time;
  • to recover in the very best way from a recent major surgery (sunshine, creativity);
  • to consistently create for a project from my heart, powered by love;
  • to connect with other creative folks doing #the100dayproject

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