Day 6: ☼ Esther Peterson the Parsley ☼



Esther Peterson the Parsley

Day 6:  ☼ Esther Peterson the Parsley ☼

Named for one of the most brilliant and accomplished women of the 20th Century, Esther Eggertsen Peterson was

1906: born on December 9 in Provo, Utah.
1927: Graduated Brigham Young University with a degree in PhysEd
1930: Graduated from Teacher’s College, Colombia University with a Master’s in Teaching.
1930’s: Worked as a teacher including at Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women workers in Industry
1932: married Oliver Peterson; moved to Boston; taught at the Winsor School and volunteered at the YMCA
1938: became a paid organizer for the American Federation of Teachers and traveled around New England
1944 became the first lobbyist for the National Labor Relations Board in Washington, D.C.
1948 moved to Sweden (the State Department offered Peterson’s husband a position as a diplomat there).
1957: moved back to DC; joined the Industrial Union Department of the AFL-CIO, becoming its first woman lobbyist.
1961-1964: became the Director of the United States Women’s Bureau and Presidential Commission on the Status of Women under President John F. Kennedy (1961-1964).
1964-1967 she served President Lyndon Johnson as Special Assistant to the President for Consumer Affairs.
1977 to 1981 served President Jimmy Carter as Director of the Office of Consumer Affairs.
1981: received the Presidential Medal of Freedom
1993: became a delegate of the United Nations as a UNESCO representative.
1997: died in her home in Washington DC (age 91).

Source: Esther Peterson, Wikipedia

Survived by son Iver, of Lawrenceville, N.J., who is a reporter for The New York Times, Mrs. Peterson as well as two other sons, Eric N., of Alexandria, Va., and Lars E., of Washington; a daughter, Karen K. Wilken of Fort Collins, Colo., and 12 grandchildren.

Source “Esther Peterson Dies at 91” US


“i’m a little bit worried about Esther Peterson the Parsley,” Grammy Miami told her cat Tin City Kitty on the sixth day in the garden, a Saturday.  “Some of her leaves are yellow.”

“Well, she just got here. Maybe the shock of being planted put her off her normal color.  I would be off too if I got planted.”  TC became distracted at that moment by a bird that decided to fly to a low branch of a tree near where they were talking.

‘Hello dear,” called Grammy to the bird.  “What’s your name?”

“Yes…dear,” said TC, staring intently at the bird.  “Come a little closer and tell us.”

TC and bird

The bird gave a brief, alarmed whistle then took off fast.

“TC!” scolded Grammy.  “You don’t need to scare her, poor thing.  I didn’t even learn her name, unless that last whistle was her name. I didn’t quiet understand it.”

“Oh that wasn’t her name,” said TC with a grin.  “That was something like TEETH-CLAWS-DANGER! which also means “cat” in bird  language.

Grammy sighed.  “Well I doubt she’ll be back now.”

TC looked up.  “There are lots of birds in the trees around the garden.   She’ll probably be back but keep her distance when I’m around. I notice a lot of birds at dusk when the insects come out.”

“Yes!” said Grammy.  “They’re so good about keeping those pests away — er, present company excluded of course.”  Grammy blushed and smiled apologetically at the Djinn Brothers who were flitting around her head.

“Ha, they’ll use that tonight for sure in their comedy routine.  They’re all laughing and saying ‘Pestzzzz! Pestzzzz!’ in their best Grammy voice.”

Grammy’s mouth flew open. “They imitate me? Does it sound like me?”

“I guess if you tilt your head and pretend you’re an insect it does.   It’s more about the spirit of it, older, sweet ladies who are often confused which makes them even more fun to have around, and…hey!”

Grammy swatted at TC who yelped and jumped away.

“Keep that up and I’ll spray you with the hose,” she promised.

“Oh, you wouldn’t dare,” said TC.  He stared haughtily at Grammy.

“I’m confused sometimes, but not too confused to work a hose.”  She picked up the garden hose.  TC took one step back.


Grammy smiled.  “I won’t.  But maybe think about your words before you let them gallop out of your mouth next time,” she said.  She smiled at TC to show she wasn’t really upset.

“Hmmph what’s the fun in that?  Besides, not having to be ‘nice’ unless we want something is one of the first rights of Catus Domesticus.”

“Oh I can easily believe that.  So TC, I guess Lucu will be back until next week, maybe in about five days or so? That’s how long it took her to recharge.”

“Sounds about right.  So, dear Grammy, oh beautiful human staff…er, friend.  I would love some tuna for lunch.”

“Sure TC,” said Grammy.   She leaned down and scratched him under the chin.  “You were going to get it anyway, so you don’t have to butter me up.”

‘Oh good.  It’s exhausting!” TC flopped down on a sunny spot on the grass and began to clean himself.

“Now, dear Esther,”said Grammy to Esther Peterson the Parsley, “don’t worry.  You’re safe now and I’ll make sure you have enough sun and water and everything you need.  Welcome to our garden.”

later on


from The

Everything You Need to Know About Parsley

Parsley is a “biennial…”

 Parsley is different because it is a biennial. This less common classification means that the plant only comes back after two gardening seasons — just enough time to produce leaves, go to seed, and develop a substantial taproot.

As a biennial, the parsley plant offers delicious leaves its first year, and goes to seed its second year. Parsley also delivers an oft-overlooked bonus that final year: its taproot is edible. In fact, parsley’s root is the most pungent and flavorful part of the plant.



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