About this Story

Grammy Miami and the Case of a Mysterious, Disappearing, Inter-Dimensional Space (Not Time) Traveler Named Lucu (a Young, Female African Elephant)  s a story for my second #the100dayproject on Instagram.  It is also a story written from my heart for my two beautiful granddaughters, Evie and Millie.

The first official garden plant to be introduced is Terrance the Tomato in Chapter 1.

I’ll be adding a chapter based on a new garden plant just about every day.  Since I’m currently recovering from major surgery, this 100-day project will follow the spirit if not the letter of the project.  So, instead of absolute adherence to daily posts, I’ll do as many as I can each week.  Right now, my first priority is healing.

Each chapter will feature a new vegetable, fruit, herb or flower plant for the garden that the children will meet.  Along with plants, the Cast of Characters also includes the human, cat, tree and inter-dimensional, space-traveling, young, female African elephant variety.

Future characters introduced will be based folks I love — a few of my children, friends, pets, people, plants, animals and minerals I admire, present and in the past; historical and fictional.


Prequel:  Cast of Characters

Day 1:  ☼ Terrance the Tomato ☼

Day 2:  :  ☼ Philip St. John Basil Rathbone MC the Basil ☼

Day 3:  ☼ Pancho Ramos-Stierlet the Pepper ☼

Day 4  ☼ The Lettuce Quadruplets ☼

Day 5  ☼ Carl Lewis the Cucumber ☼

Day 6:  ☼ Esther Peterson the Parsley ☼

Day 7:  ☼ Grammy Miami Rested ☼

Day 11:  ☼ SURPRISE! ☼

My Goals for This (2nd) #100DayProject are:

  • to create c.daily updates for a chapter story for my granddaughters, age 4 and 1;
  • to create art;
  • to get better at gardening, one plant at a time;
  • to recover in the very best way from a recent major surgery (sunshine, creativity);
  • to consistently create for a project from my heart, powered by love;
  • to connect with other creative folks doing #the100dayproject

My Instagram page is here:  tizzlovesrowdy 


My First #the100DayProject On Instagram

This is my second time joining #the100dayproject.  The first time I was invited in person (well, over the phone) by art-world rock-star Elle Luna.  The story of that is here:

An invitation…